"Over the years, Green Bay Drop Forge has consistently delivered exceptional quality, manufacturing expertise, and service. You are reliable and always accessible. We would simply not exist as a company without Green Bay Drop Forge. You are a true partner to us."

Noel Valdes
President & Founder,
CobraHead LLC

"The one thing our corporate folks and everybody locally agree on is that Green Bay Drop Forge is our best forging supplier. Your consistent quality and on-time delivery set you apart."

Plant Manager
Premiere Specialty Hand Tool OEM

I'm grateful to have such kind, professional and knowledgeable people to work with!"

Kathy Kirby
Moore Industrial Hardware

"After reviewing and knowing the great customer service that Green Bay Drop Forge has provided us with in the past, we have decided to go with your quote"

Senior Buyer/Planner
Premiere Specialty Hand Tool OEM

"I appreciate the focus and effort Green Bay put forth in helping to resolve this issue. That shows that you all are very committed to our relationship. We value your efforts and contributions to making top notch forged products."

Quality Engineer
Major Ag & Turf Care OEM

"Green Bay Drop Forge is the first company I am contacting due to your immediate and professional verbal contact. Out of the several companies that contacted me by email, you were the only one to call and to follow-up. Dan and I thank you both for your time and expertise. We appreciate all you do and look forward to a great partnership for years to come."

Jeanne Considine
Product Development Manager
Northwind Tools, Inc.

Really looking forward to doing business with Green Bay Drop Forge over the long haul—it was very important to us to develop as many new supplier relationships as close as possible to Wisconsin, since our branding identifies with Wisconsin so closely for our own product line.

Mark D. Harrell, Owner
Bad Axe Tool Works