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This premium engine cooling part manufacturer needed a lightweight forged part with superior strength for their latest engine component project. Superior quality was imperative from the outset- the customer required that their forging supplier was ISO/TS 16949 registered. Due to the fact that the part would invariably be exposed to the elements, and also because of the nature of its assembly requirements, the part would need a unique plating solution. To minimize the vendor base, the chosen forging supplier would need to be able to manage all steps of the manufacturing process- shipping a finished part in specific shipping containers, ready for assembly.


Green Bay Drop Forge, an ISO/TS 16949 forging supplier, took the lead and organized the process of working with the customer’s preferred suppliers in order to manufacture a part that was tailored to be compatible with a mating casting. Utilizing our vast forging expertise, we spearheaded efforts to bring together three outside service providers and the customer to manufacture a custom forged part, and thereby establishing a repeatable process to meet the part’s demanding specifications.


Today, we deliver a custom stainless steel forged part within a Just In Time environment, and our customer is thrilled to have found a solution to their problem. In addition to supplying a quality product, we also created a process that streamlined and simplified communication between the customer and their many suppliers. Green Bay Drop Forge’s JIT program gives the customer peace of mind that they will not have product supply shortage issues when unexpected spikes in production occur. The customer is able to focus on their own internal processes, knowing that Green Bay Drop Forge has minimized the need for their involvement in the forging supply chain management.


Our customer is left with a flexible program that flows with their needs. They are pleased to be dealing with a forging supplier who not only meets their formal requirement of being ISO/TS registered, but whom also meets the day-to-day practical requirements of being a reliable supplier. They have come to expect a consistently high-quality custom forging, on-time, and ready at assemble into their world-class engine cooling systems.

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