Upset Forging

Green Bay Drop Forge provides true forging versatility by offering upset forging capabilities. Upset forging is a manufacturing process that plastically deforms metal under great pressure into high strength components of varying sizes. This forging process is ideal for longer shapes where only one end of a part needs to be forged.

Upset Forging

Upset forgings are made by gathering material to a designated area of a carbon, alloy, or stainless steel bar. The mechanical press used to manufacture these components operates on a horizontal plane. The dies are split to allow material to protrude beyond the mechanical press, and some of the forming force is provided by a third die attached to the header.

Our upset forgings offer greater strength compared to when the same parts are machined from bar stock, since material grain flow is orientated to the component's shape.

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Equipment & Resources

  • 1” Upset Forging Machines
  • 1 ½” Upset Forging Machines
  • 4” Upset Forging Machines*
  • 5” Upset Forging Machines*
  • 6” Upset Forging Machines*
  • 7” Upset Forging Machines*
  • 7 ½” Upset Forging Machines*
  • Tube Forging Cell*

*One of our other business units, Fox Valley Forge, has these additional larger upset forging machines. Check out their capabilities at