Tool & Die

World-Class Tool & Die Design and Fabrication

Forging ToolingGreen Bay Drop Forge has designed and manufactured our own tooling and dies from the very beginning. We design and make 100% of our own tooling and dies in-house to give you the peace of mind that your forged parts will meet your exact specifications.

Our tool & die shop also enables us to modify your tooling “on the fly”, at the time of production, if deemed necessary. This saves time, and also allows us to control your production order from start to finish, without depending on an outside tool & die shop to come through.

We own and maintain our own inventory of tooling for our standard product line forgings, which means no tooling costs for you. For your custom forged part, there is a one-time charge to tool-up, and then you own that tooling- and every subsequent die that we have to re-sink, over the life of your part.

Do you have a need to outsource your tool and die making? We can do a whole lot more than tool & dies for forging. Green Bay Drop Forge can supply to you the same quality tooling that we use ourselves- for your industry. With consistently reliable and automated precision equipment such as OKK, LaBlond - Makino, and Millac, we’re in a position to deliver. Couple that with the latest in manufacturing software, and you will be ecstatic with the results you get from our experienced tool and die team.

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Equipment & Resources:

  • [7] Vertical CNC Machining Centers
  • [1] Horizontal CNC Machining Center
  • [4] Vertical Milling Machines
  • [4] CNC Lathes
  • [4] Surface Grinders
  • [2] Manual Lathes
  • Multiple Die Grinders, Bench Grinders, Drill Presses and Support Equipment