Forging in the Frozen Tundra Since 1914

Affiliated Business Units 

Green Bay Drop Forge’s parent company, Cleveland Hardware & Forging Co., is comprised of three business units: Green Bay Drop Forge in Green Bay, WI, Cleveland Hardware in Cleveland, OH, and Fox Valley Forge, in Aurora, IL.

Our three companies share resources and manufacturing economies, which enable Green Bay Drop Forge to bring to its customers some of the most competitive and advanced forging products available.


Green Bay Drop Forge was founded in 1914 in Green Bay, WI as a horseshoe forging manufacturer. Our parent company, the family-owned and operated Cleveland Hardware & Forging Co., was founded in the late 1870’s. By the middle of the 20th century, Green Bay Drop Forge had evolved into a significant forging supplier to the automotive, agriculture equipment, and ordnance industries. Green Bay Drop Forge was acquired by Cleveland Hardware & Forging Co. in 1978.


Green Bay Drop Forge is a premiere manufacturer of custom and standard steel forgings, machinings and assemblies, supplying industry leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, Fabricators and Distributors located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  We are a major player in a wide array of markets- from heavy truck to custom forged hand tools, automotive and agriculture, among many others.

Values, Vision & Strategic Objectives

Our Values

  1. Connecting with People
  2. Looking for Opportunities
  3. Plan / Vision & Direction
  4. Responsibility & Ownership
  5. Supporting Each Other

Our Vision Statement

To provide superior manufactured solutions that deliver outstanding value to our stakeholders.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • We will provide world class manufacturing solutions that deliver outstanding value to our customers.
  • We will improve the future of our employees.
  • We will positively impact our communities.
  • We will provide high performance results for our shareholders.
  • We will form strategic relationships with our suppliers.